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Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace:

The use of Hospitality in sharing the gospel

We are part of the Orthdox Pesbyterian Church (OPC) Presbytery of the Mid Atlantic (PMA). We adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Ordinary love, extraordinary grace.
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A Film produced, directed and scored by Jeremy Seth Colón.

One of the most practical, useful and biblical methods in gaining ground in the cultural battle is undoubtedly through hospitality. This is a key ingridient that differentiates our worldview from the rest because it is not grounded in a vacuum or an ethic for the sake of ethics. It is grounded on the most powerful, life changing message of all time: the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

"Ordinary Love, Extraordinary Grace" through Pastor Philip T. Proctor, seeks out to present this simple solution as a means for the church to start opening its doors, to begin to bridge this gap of miscommunication and false gods in order to season the lives of our neighbors.

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