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pulpit where sermons are preached


Welcome to Sterling Presbyterian Church

Here at Sterling, we focus on the gospel. We strive to be boldly present in our culture and our community for the purpose of being salt and light in the expansion of God's Kingdom.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Chruch

We are part of the Orthdox Pesbyterian Church (OPC) Presbytery of the Mid Atlantic (PMA). We adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Our History

Sterling was planted in March, 1984, by veteran pastor and church planter, Ed
Urban. Over the 34 years of her existence, while she has moved multiple times to
various worship locations, she has been blessed with a great amount of stability in
terms of membership and leadership. One of her current Ruling Elders was in the
earliest group of church leaders. Young men and women who grew up in the
congregation are now exercising their gifts within the church as adults.

At the same time, God has blessed Sterling with continuing growth and visitors. A
desire to be a warm, welcoming, and supportive community, a desire to reach
Northern Virginia with the Gospel, and a desire to hear Christ’s Word faithfully
preached and live in joyful and growing obedience, are the central commitments of
our congregation. Worship, Fellowship, and Outreach.

Our current pastor, Phil Proctor, came to Sterling after serving for 8 years in Uganda
as a missionary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He has served as pastor since

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