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Trinity hymnals that the church uses to sing


Doctrinal Standards

It is important for a church to be up front about what they believe. We believe the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s holy word. It is inspired (breathed out by God); it is without error; it is our only rule for what we should believe concerning God and what duty God requires of us.

That statement places us within the circle of churches who would generally be known as “evangelical” – churches who preach the Gospel. Obviously, though, there are a lot of different understandings about what the Bible teaches on a host of topics. Does God’s sovereignty trump man’s free will, or vice versa? Is baptism properly administered to infants or only to professing believers? While there is a Gospel unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who hold to different doctrinal standards on these and other questions, it makes for a unified church if we have a basic statement of what we believe the Bible teaches. The officers of the church (deacons and elders) are required to affirm their belief in these doctrines in order to hold office. Members of the church are required to affirm a more “basic” set of beliefs.

Church members: Membership vows

Church officers: Confessions

Another question someone might ask is: “OK, I see what I need to believe to be a member or a church officer, but how do you organize the church? How is church discipline performed? How is your worship organized?”

The congregations of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church are bound together not only by a common foundation (belief in the Bible as God’s Word), by a common doctrinal statement (the Westminster Standards), but also by a common agreement as to the proper order of the church.This is known as our "Book of Church Order"

The documents linked to will provide you with a very thorough understanding of what we believe and do. Don’t be overwhelmed! You don’t have to be a theological scholar to come and worship or to join our church. These are our way of putting all the “details” up front, but the bottom line is that we Love Jesus Christ, are committed to His Word, and seek to grow in Him and to share His love with one another and with a world that needs His love so very badly!

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